These are some ideas for using a CSI theme in elementary classrooms. Some folks call them Technology Scene Investigations instead. Enjoy! Be sure to click on the curriculum link and then scroll down!
(other ideas include: We did one where an electrician was found dead in our kiva, and the students had to figure out how he died. (It was electrocution, of course, but they had to figure out which circuit was a complete circuit and which suspect's finger prints were on the circuit board.) They then did a newscast reporting the findings. Then we did another one where the Natural History Museum was vandalized and rock collections were all mixed up. The investigators had to separate the rocks back into igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Fossils also work very well with TSI investigations. We also did one involving soil where we used the USB microscopes to take pictures of the soil and identify elements, layers, etc. of soil. )

and, yet one more: